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It's a Wrap! 2023 Recap! #BeYouuu

Updated: Feb 7

Welcome to the highlights of BeYouuu's incredible 2023! 🌟 As we dive into 2024, join us in revisiting the transformative moments that made a rememberable 2023!  BeYouuu's commitment to fostering a world where everyone can embrace their authentic selves has manifested in a series of awe-inspiring moments, each a testament to the organization's mission: to empower transgender and non-binary young people and adults to feel valued, successful, and confident. As we delve into the highlights of 2023, the stage is set not just for reflection but for an earnest look forward, as BeYouuu pledges to carry the torch of advocacy and support into the promising landscapes of 2024.

Hosted Year-round

Support Meetings

BeYouuu host group discussions and bonding opportunity to welcome to see new faces come in. See top moments here and here.

June BeYouuu Juneteenth Event

BeYouuu's Juneteenth was pure magic! From soulful beats to empowering vibes, we celebrated freedom, unity, and joy. Grateful for all who joined our movement. See more here.

July Transgender Equality Summit 2023

Held during Little Rock Black Pride!

Thank you to every King that was present and heard big thank you to House of GG,@hrcarkansas @gamechangingmen @arkansas_abortion_support for sponsoring our events where they were success . @destinationtomorrow452 Ceo-Sean Coleman and @iamhuman_foundation for showing up to our Event and all the knowledge

You both have all us Kingz. It was an amazing weekend with Brothers !!!

Learn more!

Real Talk on the Road: Arkansas

On July 21, we hosted a lively Meet & Greet Mixer. The following day, the Transgender Equality Summit 2023 took place, accompanied by GameChangingMen's Real Talk on the Road, all happening during Black Pride! Read more here.

Transcend Convening in NOLA

New Orleans at The Transcend Convening by @destinationtomorrow452 was an enriching experience. We absorbed wisdom from incredible souls, gaining not just knowledge but a newfound family of brothers and sisters. Bonds were formed, connections strengthened, and together, we stood as one. #beyouuu #bepresent #BeHeard #NeverLetAnyoneDimYourLight #EmpowerandUplift #wearehere Read more here

BeYouuu Transcend


Congrats to KJ Thomas

Mentee of the month! Keep elevating and sharing your positive minset with us. We believe in YoUUU. Don't stop. Read more here.

Top Achiever in Our Mentorship Program

Mentee of the month! Celebrating a mentee's first-time interest in yard work. Simple life skills we should all know as cutting grass , changing oil or a Change a tire etc we peer mentors live by our mission and purpose and pillars! Read more here.


Queertonomy 2023

Grateful for Intransitive ACLU of Arkansas Conference, building community partnerships. Arkansas stands stronger together. Exciting workshops, amazing guest speaker from TKO Alabama! #Queertonomy2023 Read more here.

Queertonomy BeYouuu

Central Arkansas Pride 2023

BeYouuu was a vibrant presence at the event, celebrating its second year and witnessing remarkable growth. The dream of bringing the Big City to Little Rock became a reality, uniting us stronger. A shoutout to Central Arkansas Pride, sponsors, vendors, City of NLR, and North Little Rock PD for creating a secure space for us to be ourselves! #beyouuu #bepresent #beheard See the post here!


BeYouuu Get's 501c3 Status!

 BEYouuu officially achieved 501c3 status. 🎉 Our journey of empowering transgender and non-binary individuals reached a new milestone. Grateful for the recognition as we fostered a world where everyone could live authentically. Thanks for the support on this incredible ride! 🌈✨ Read more here.

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