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Program Committee Chair:

Leads the program committee in evaluating and developing programs and services aligned with the organization's mission and goals.

"I choose to be the change I wish to see in the world. I stand up, speak out, and make a difference. Proudly embracing my identity and paving the way for a more inclusive tomorrow."

Mr Graison Golden


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Emails are in the link and if you need someone to talk to send to !

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Hey Be YoUUU family! I'm Graison and I'm thrilled to introduce myself as the new Program Committee Chair. As a proud member of the trans-community, stepping into this role feels like embarking on a journey filled with hope, empowerment, and transformation. I am happy to learn from your experiences, support your efforts, and help amplify our collective impact. Here's to creating a future that resonates with love, equality, and the freedom to Be YoUUU. 🏳️‍⚧️ 💼🤟

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