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Gender Affirming Closet

Embrace authenticity with our gender-affirming mobile closet. A safe space on wheels, providing a diverse range of clothing for all identities. Redefining self-expression, fostering inclusivity, one outfit at a time.

BeYouuu Gender Affirming Closet

What's Included?

BeYouuu's Gender Affirming Closet is so much more than just clothes.

Denim Pocket

Gender Affirming

Clothing that validates identity, empowering individuals to express their true selves.

Garage Sale Items


Discover a fresh start with BeYouuu's household essentials, supporting individuals just starting out. Elevate your space and embrace new beginnings today.

Canned Food


 Emergency non-perishable foods. Nutrient-rich, convenient options for unforeseen situations. BeYouuu is here to help.


How it works

Request the Gender Affirming Closet Come to You!

Experience empowerment wherever you are! Request our gender-affirming closet to your doorstep, bringing confidence and style right to you. We deliver up to 45 miles outside of Little Rock, CA. *We do not ship at this time.


Donate to the Gender Affirming Closet

Fuel self-expression by donating to BeYouuu's Mobile Closet. Your support amplifies inclusivity, providing gender-affirming clothing and important household items for all. Your donation is 100% tax deductible. We accept lightly used or new items including clothing and household items. 


Volunteer with the Gender Affirming Closet

Volunteer with our Mobile Closet and contribute to a world of inclusivity. Empower others, foster self-expression, and make a positive impact on diverse identities. Vehicle and valid drivers license required. 


Where does the Gender Affirming Mobile Closet deliver? 

We currently deliver within 45 miles of Little Rock, AK. 

Do you all ship?

No. We do not ship items at this time. 

Who is eligible for this closet? 

Anyone in need. Please feel out this form. 

Can I request the closet on someone else's behalf.

Yes. Please fill out the form.

What do you all take as donations?

Gently, clean, and lightly used clothing and household items. 

How do I donate to the closet?

We are excited to receive your donation! Please submit this form. 

Does BeYouuu pick up donations? 

We sure do as long as it is within 45 miles of Little Rock, AK. 

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