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National Advocate Sybastian Smith to Speak at Little Rock Black Pride

Little Rock BLACK PRIDE is just around the corner, and one of the guest speakers at this year's TRANSGENDER TOWNHALL is none other than Sybastian Smith, a national advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and a role model to many.

As the National Organizer at the National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE), Sybastian has dedicated his life to fighting for the rights of the transgender community. He has over fifteen years of experience as an LGBTQ+ social justice advocate, consultant, certified health educator, and medical assistant. Sybastian's academic qualifications include a dual Academic Associates degree in Medical Office Management: Administrative and Assisting, as well as an Associates of Science degree with a Health Science concentration. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Public Health degree.

In addition to his work at NCTE, Sybastian is also a board member of the national organization Black Trans Men Inc. (BTMI) and is actively involved in the Black Trans Advocacy Coalition (BTAC). He is the CEO of Sybastian Smith Consulting LLC and serves as Vice-President of the I Am Human foundation and co-chair of FLUX Atlanta. Sybastian is on the board of directors or a member of several other LGBTQ+ and HIV/AIDS focused national, grassroots, and nonprofit organizations.

Sybastian's accomplishments are numerous, including being crowned Mr. Black Trans International 2018, awarded BTMI Man of the Year 2019, and being a 2020 HRC ACTIVATE program fellow. His passion for educating people about transgender lives and experiences is evident in his tireless advocacy work for LGBTQ+ visibility, competent healthcare, and equal social and economic rights.

It is an honor to have Sybastian as a guest speaker at this year's TRANSGENDER TOWNHALL. His wealth of knowledge and experience will undoubtedly inspire and educate attendees, and we are grateful for his contribution to the event.

Little Rock BLACK PRIDE, taking place from July 23-25, 2021, is an opportunity for the LGBTQ+ community and allies to come together and celebrate diversity and inclusivity. With Sybastian and other notable speakers on the lineup, this year's event promises to be a memorable and impactful experience.

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