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BeYouuu Becomes 2023 Grantee of the Queer Mobilization Fund

BeYouuu is thrilled to announce that the organization has been selected as a recipient of a grant from the Queer Mobilization Fund.

The Queer Mobilization Fund not only provides financial resources but also offers BeYouu the opportunity to be part of a peer learning cohort alongside fellow grantees. Throughout the grant cycle from June 2023 to February 2024, BeYouu will engage in virtual trainings, skill-building sessions, and networking opportunities with the cohort, fostering collaboration and growth.

Members of the 2023 cohort will also have access to optional workshops conducted during the grant cycle, and they can apply for participation in an Executive Director/Leadership Roundtable, which promises to be an enriching experience.

BeYouuu will also be receiving Technical Assistance, which will be facilitated by the Queer Mobilization Fund staff and consultants. This opportunity will allow the organization to tap into specialized expertise and support, further enhancing their impact and effectiveness.

BeYouuu expresses deep gratitude for the Queer Mobilization Fund's recognition and support. This grant will undoubtedly fuel the organization's continued success in creating an inclusive and empowering environment for transgender individuals.

Learn more about the Queer Mobilization Fund

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